I did a shoot for a group of students from the second year fashion course at Coventry Uni which was based on a 1940’s theme. They contacted me through email asking to meet on Wednesday 10am. They had the hair and make-up, model and location organised, so all I needed to do was turn up with the equipment and shoot.

The day didn’t really have a good start, with the rain coming down and then our make-up artist Alanda Earnshaw, got stuck in traffic, so we ended up shooting a little bit behind schedule. When Alanda did arrive she began working straight away, she worked her way through the models from other groups as efficiently as she could, so as we waited the fashion crew began work on our models hair. After the curls had time to set Alandra was ready to get started on our make-up and she provided us with amazing results!

By the time we did shoot the rain had thankfully cleared form the skies and the location was a perfect scene to shoot in.

Photos uploaded later.

I edited these images to black and white and i really think it has given them a dramatic effect, that also corresponds to my previous artist research (john french)

I love john french and how beautifully composed his images are. He spent a lot of time placing the models and putting them into pristine positions before her actually photographed them. I find his images are distinct by how clean they are, this is by the way they are shot so perfectly and also by the way the model is formed in the frame, creating perfect lines and angles, and also making a good use of the negative space.

To try to create my own style I tried merging images together using Photoshop, and I am happy with the way they have turned out, they still have the clearness of french’s style but with more of a twist because the images are joined as a whole.


These are the edited images from my nikon d60 from saturdays shoot. I wanted to try and incorporate a couple more models into my shoot from this day. I photographed ciara again for the majority of the day and then I had 2 other models Gemma and Emily. Although the days are getting darker earlier and i had lack of equipment some of the shots did turn out okay.


one word – fail.

All I can do is keep trying!

I think the reason the film isn’t processing properly is because it has an iso of 100, and the light must not be hitting the negs enough to expose.

Maybe I will invest in a little flash unit for future shoots.

& maybe one of theses

Just a segment of todays shoot, I used 3 models today but with the shorter autumn day times I found that it was difficult to successful capture everything I wanted in such a short amount of time.

Having worked with Ciara on my previous shoot I have noticed her becoming a lot more relaxed in front of the camera and she delivered some beautifully poised frames. Also I used my Nikon D60 today so the image quality may be affected, unlike using the higher spec cameras. Even if this is the case I am still pretty chuffed with the outcomes.

I also shot with black and white 120 film on my holga camera, so it will be interesting firstly to see if they will actually process as I seem to be having the worst luck at the moment with analogue, and it was also be interesting to see if the framing and format of the camera alters the way the images are viewed.

I have a lot to scan and edit over the next few days…buuuuuusy!!

Here is a photo taken from the shoot last tuesday, I had to do a lot of post production on this image as it was shot indoors using the tungsten lighting from the bedroom. Shooting the image in a raw format did allow me to have a lot of control over each aspect of the image, including white balance, curves, exposure and contrast.

Original Image

I’m not too sure if I have brought this image up to it’s fullest poential, I think after several horus of editing yesterday my eyes became a bit boggled where as I should of really taken a couple of breaks through out the day.

Edited Image

Even though colour photography was invented in 1907 many photographers still used black and white film predominately. Colour film did become popular during the mid 1930’s but because of how expensive the film cost many practioners chose to shoot in black and white due to this. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when colour film prices dropped.

I came across these photographers who are pretty much the first practitioners of colour photography during the 1950’s.

Ruth Orkin, Magazine Stand

Ruth Orkin found passion for photography at a young age and it wasn’t long until she became recognised for her photo-journalism and her work for Life Magazine. Having travelled with her photography keeping her two main loves interlocked, she took a bicycle j0urney in 43 from LA to New York to see the world fair.

This is a link to her early colour photography work,

The series of images are taken in a photo-journalist style but what she is actually capturing can be read as so much more.

To me I see her images not only as showing culture, society and class but I also sense a great individual style of fashion photography as she is photographic these women in a natural an unpoised nature – (infact they probably had no idea they were being photographed!) but her images continue to tell a story, whether it is just through one frame with a cleverly titled caption or if it is in amongst a set of images, they are powerful and some-what honest portrayels of society during that era.