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London-based photographer John French began his career working for the Daily Express and soon became one of the city’s top fashion photographers, pioneering his own style and gaining access to photograph high-society figures of that era.

I find that all of his images have this flawless composition to them, they are beautifully created, with apparent care and attention to the way the models are posed within the frame. In fact so much attention was paid that French would be in front of the camera adjusting the positioning of the model until he was completely satisfied and then he would have two assistants alongside him, Terrance Donovan and David Bailey, who would mainly be doing the shutter for him.

After coming across John French’s images I can only express how much I love the shapes and forms he places the models in, always centralised but always different. Also the way he lights his images, in a clean crisp manner, almost done to compliment the structured lines with in the image is done so well, and so naturally.

I really admire the use of accessories throughout French’s images, it really adds a main focal point towards these features. When I come to thinking about the styling of my images I will look a lot into the lace and netting that has been used quite predominantly through these images and incorporate this into my own practice.

When John French died in 1966 his wife, fashion journalist Vere Denning gave the V&A Gallery the whole archive of his work which is still available now, and also available for prints.


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