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Even though colour photography was invented in 1907 many photographers still used black and white film predominately. Colour film did become popular during the mid 1930’s but because of how expensive the film cost many practioners chose to shoot in black and white due to this. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when colour film prices dropped.

I came across these photographers who are pretty much the first practitioners of colour photography during the 1950’s.

Ruth Orkin, Magazine Stand

Ruth Orkin found passion for photography at a young age and it wasn’t long until she became recognised for her photo-journalism and her work for Life Magazine. Having travelled with her photography keeping her two main loves interlocked, she took a bicycle j0urney in 43 from LA to New York to see the world fair.

This is a link to her early colour photography work,

The series of images are taken in a photo-journalist style but what she is actually capturing can be read as so much more.

To me I see her images not only as showing culture, society and class but I also sense a great individual style of fashion photography as she is photographic these women in a natural an unpoised nature – (infact they probably had no idea they were being photographed!) but her images continue to tell a story, whether it is just through one frame with a cleverly titled caption or if it is in amongst a set of images, they are powerful and some-what honest portrayels of society during that era.



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