We had our first group meeting today to arrange who would be assigned to each decade, we were all pretty relaxed as to what era we wanted so the choice process went smoothly.

1930’s – Emma

1940’s – Craig

1950’s – Ria

1960’s – Nathan

1970’s- Claire

1980’s – Larissa

1990’s – Fran

2000’s Stacie

We discussed the production of our work a lot and decided that we should have 2 assistants per photographers and rotate around so that every has had the same amount of help and the same amount of practice so it is equal all round. We also talked about where we were going to find our models and Fran mentioned http://www.modelmayhem.com which not only caters for models, but photographers, make-up artists, stylists – the lot! Nathan also mentioned http://www.purestorm.com which is a modelling site with portfolios showcasing different styles of work. These websites are perfect for finding local talent to help enhance our photo shoots!

I suggested to the group that we should think about how we are going to fund the project, as we have all had ideas of location shoots, and travelling far and also having the work exhibited once we have finished. My friend had suggested to me a website called http://www.media-box.co.uk which is aimed at young people who want to create media projects, and offers out fundings for the arts. Unfortunately, the applications have ended for this year, but at least i know for the future that this is available for me, well for about 9 months or so! the age limits are aged 13-19 year olds! I will how ever continue to look into funding, but the only problem being that and the fact that we only have 4 weeks to develop, practice and create our project before the deadline, it might be to short of a time span to apply.

We ended the group on a high note, and we will be having regular meetings to keep everything in order, hopefully we will have arranged a time plan for the next few weeks so everyone knows when are where we need to be! We have all been sent off to come back on monday with our research and ideas so this will be one step closer to organising our shoots.