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I have always been inspired by fashion photography and this is definitely a profession that I want to explore further. I think that taking part in the group project was a useful starting point that has helped with building my confidence with working in this field.

I haven’t had much previous experience with handling the canon 5D or even with the portable studio light kit, and I found this was the perfect opportunity to experiment and create mistakes and then learn from them. Having played around with the kit for a couple of shoots I felt much more comfortable using them and I think that it has really improved my work.

I found it difficult whilst shooting to give my model direction, she was fantastic to work with but it was hard trying to communicate my ideas to her in order to capture exactly what I wanted. After a few shoots of warming each other up towards the camera, in different respects, I think we did eventually build a good relationship and it is apparent that she has relaxed in front of the lens. I suppose the more I practice the easier it will be to overcome the relationship between working with new models on a regular basis, and I will find myself gaining more confidence to believe I can deliver the creative directions.

The project as a whole was really interesting to see once we had created our final specimen. Everyone’s work has really gelled together and we have created a strong body of work. Although the project idea itself was well organised, I think it would have been more ideal if we had made a set project plan of the following days to which we will be practicing, such as dedicated shoot days, arranged group meetings in advanced and so on. This would of made it easier to critique each other’s work to help with the development process, but realistically, not everybody is available at the same time and many of us have other commitments alongside our degree.

Overall the project has been successful and it was really exciting t be a part of it. I think I will definitely continue practicing fashion photography and I want to be able to create my own style of work to allow myself to stand out. I would also like to do another collaborative piece, but this time I would practice this outside of my degree and hopefully the project will be managed better and we would have a longer time scale to work too as it wouldn’t be facing any deadlines which would affect our final grades.



Our work presented online

I’m really impressed with the outcome of the work and it all flows really well together. Everyones work looks really good and I think we have managed to create a strong body of work here.

In our first group meeting we discussed how we should present our work. I think that this should be considered carefully because at the end of the day, the images need to be viewed in the most appropriate style that works well with the images.

As we are doing a fashion based project, and the most effective and commonly used medium to show this work is through magazines. Having gained our inspiration from the mass of fashion magazines that are available to me, such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle etc, I found that it would be the most obvious way to present our work. Obvious, yet uncreative. I discussed in our first meeting about having our work as an online digital magazine. A girl in the year above has shown her work in a similar style by creating a digital book.

I feel that if we find a free hosting website which will allow us to upload our work into categories or just in a simplified order will help network our work further than just to our University. By having our work available online, this will mean that it is theoretically worldwide and that anybody can access it. Not to mention that it will also be a cost effective (FREE!) way to publish our work.

We have also discussed the possibility of having our work exhibited to the public, in an open gallery space around Coventry, such as The Herbert Gallery or The Glass Box. That way the work will be available to view in it’s primary state and people can have a first hand view of the pieces. I think it would be a good idea to actually get our work published in a gallery but it will take a lot of work trying to impress and actually agree to have the work in their gallery space, and also this might incur costs as well.

Eventually Emma did actually find a perfect online source to showcase our work, and this was available at which allows you to publish projects online (up to a certain limit). But this is absolutely ideal way to have our work presented.

The Images are being uploaded this week and should all be done before 4pm friday!

So I decided to use my make-up artist as my model, I am focusing on accessories and how to show them more than the garment itself. Fashion photography is a tool of selling a product, so it needs to be enhanced and it needs to stand out, in order for the audience to be aware of what is exactly for sale.

I think the lighting in this image actually highlights the hat incredibly well, and give its depth and shadows in the right places. The coat she is wearing is not highlighted at all and this allows the audience to have the hat as the main focus because it is lit up so brightly.


I took this photo outside when it was beginning to get dark so I decided to do some William Klein styled images. By using a slow shutter speed, this allowed me to capture the image without it being too under exposed, and I also gained the sense of motion that Klein creates with his fashion images.

With fashion photography, you have to make your own style to get noticed. I am currently trying to create a personal style with in my work to help me stand out. With this image, I really do like the motion with the hat blowing in the wind and the model being relatively static.

I began playing around with the images and I ended up flipping it vertically so that it was reflected. On Photoshop I placed the reflected image on top of the original image and lowered the opacity on the top layer. This created a layering effect and the photos have merged.

I think it looks pretty cool, sort of like looking through a kaleidoscope (if only i was shooting the 60’s decade!)

But then I played around some more and altered the size of the top layer, to create a larger effect to enhance the face some more.

Just emailed Dockers Diner in Leamington Spa to see if I can get access to do a 1950’s photo shoot there. The place was recommended to me by the costume department last week. If I do get to shoot here I was change the style of my practice and aim to producing a more colourful environment which will be of a Buddy Holly style.

This means a revisit to the costume dept and also means including male models.

I only dream cause I’m alive..

Not too sure why I have Iron Maiden in my head, maybe it’s because my room mate is going to see them twice next July, for his 6th and 7th time!

But here is a black & white shot from Wednesdays shoot