I have always been inspired by fashion photography and this is definitely a profession that I want to explore further. I think that taking part in the group project was a useful starting point that has helped with building my confidence with working in this field.

I haven’t had much previous experience with handling the canon 5D or even with the portable studio light kit, and I found this was the perfect opportunity to experiment and create mistakes and then learn from them. Having played around with the kit for a couple of shoots I felt much more comfortable using them and I think that it has really improved my work.

I found it difficult whilst shooting to give my model direction, she was fantastic to work with but it was hard trying to communicate my ideas to her in order to capture exactly what I wanted. After a few shoots of warming each other up towards the camera, in different respects, I think we did eventually build a good relationship and it is apparent that she has relaxed in front of the lens. I suppose the more I practice the easier it will be to overcome the relationship between working with new models on a regular basis, and I will find myself gaining more confidence to believe I can deliver the creative directions.

The project as a whole was really interesting to see once we had created our final specimen. Everyone’s work has really gelled together and we have created a strong body of work. Although the project idea itself was well organised, I think it would have been more ideal if we had made a set project plan of the following days to which we will be practicing, such as dedicated shoot days, arranged group meetings in advanced and so on. This would of made it easier to critique each other’s work to help with the development process, but realistically, not everybody is available at the same time and many of us have other commitments alongside our degree.

Overall the project has been successful and it was really exciting t be a part of it. I think I will definitely continue practicing fashion photography and I want to be able to create my own style of work to allow myself to stand out. I would also like to do another collaborative piece, but this time I would practice this outside of my degree and hopefully the project will be managed better and we would have a longer time scale to work too as it wouldn’t be facing any deadlines which would affect our final grades.