In our first group meeting we discussed how we should present our work. I think that this should be considered carefully because at the end of the day, the images need to be viewed in the most appropriate style that works well with the images.

As we are doing a fashion based project, and the most effective and commonly used medium to show this work is through magazines. Having gained our inspiration from the mass of fashion magazines that are available to me, such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle etc, I found that it would be the most obvious way to present our work. Obvious, yet uncreative. I discussed in our first meeting about having our work as an online digital magazine. A girl in the year above has shown her work in a similar style by creating a digital book.

I feel that if we find a free hosting website which will allow us to upload our work into categories or just in a simplified order will help network our work further than just to our University. By having our work available online, this will mean that it is theoretically worldwide and that anybody can access it. Not to mention that it will also be a cost effective (FREE!) way to publish our work.

We have also discussed the possibility of having our work exhibited to the public, in an open gallery space around Coventry, such as The Herbert Gallery or The Glass Box. That way the work will be available to view in it’s primary state and people can have a first hand view of the pieces. I think it would be a good idea to actually get our work published in a gallery but it will take a lot of work trying to impress and actually agree to have the work in their gallery space, and also this might incur costs as well.

Eventually Emma did actually find a perfect online source to showcase our work, and this was available at which allows you to publish projects online (up to a certain limit). But this is absolutely ideal way to have our work presented.

The Images are being uploaded this week and should all be done before 4pm friday!