I took this photo outside when it was beginning to get dark so I decided to do some William Klein styled images. By using a slow shutter speed, this allowed me to capture the image without it being too under exposed, and I also gained the sense of motion that Klein creates with his fashion images.

With fashion photography, you have to make your own style to get noticed. I am currently trying to create a personal style with in my work to help me stand out. With this image, I really do like the motion with the hat blowing in the wind and the model being relatively static.

I began playing around with the images and I ended up flipping it vertically so that it was reflected. On Photoshop I placed the reflected image on top of the original image and lowered the opacity on the top layer. This created a layering effect and the photos have merged.

I think it looks pretty cool, sort of like looking through a kaleidoscope (if only i was shooting the 60’s decade!)

But then I played around some more and altered the size of the top layer, to create a larger effect to enhance the face some more.