Just a segment of todays shoot, I used 3 models today but with the shorter autumn day times I found that it was difficult to successful capture everything I wanted in such a short amount of time.

Having worked with Ciara on my previous shoot I have noticed her becoming a lot more relaxed in front of the camera and she delivered some beautifully poised frames. Also I used my Nikon D60 today so the image quality may be affected, unlike using the higher spec cameras. Even if this is the case I am still pretty chuffed with the outcomes.

I also shot with black and white 120 film on my holga camera, so it will be interesting firstly to see if they will actually process as I seem to be having the worst luck at the moment with analogue, and it was also be interesting to see if the framing and format of the camera alters the way the images are viewed.

I have a lot to scan and edit over the next few days…buuuuuusy!!