Here are a few of images I took on Tuesday with my model Ciara Sweeney. I also Had make-up artist Gemma Smith on the day to do the make-up and to also assist me with the reflector whilst shooting. With these images we shot indoors at around 2/3pm so the light from outside had just begun to dim down ready for the early evenings of autumn. Focusing mainly on the style of John French I wanted to obtain a clear clean backdrop with a good depth of blacks and contrast in my images. I shot using the Canon 5Dii where as in my future shoots I will be more inclined to shoot in medium format or even large format, depending on the costs.

I am pleased to some extend with how my images have turned out, although I think that there is always room for a lot of improvement. With the first images, I love the visual aspects of the framing of the model and her pose. I think however if I had shot in black and white using medium format I would of gained a higher sense of tones and have a more vintage feel to my images.