Looking at Irving Penn and John French, they are both practitioners whose work shines from within the studio. Having no distractions with in the frame with only the model and the garments to view, with the models in a static ornate manner.

However Photographers such as Richard Avedon and Henry Clarke were photographers trying to rebel against the boundaries of fashion photography, by moving their work outdoors and into everyday scenarios. Avedon was inspired by Hungarian photographer Martin Munkacsi and there is apparent evidence between both of their works.

Martin Munkacsi

Richard Avedon

Avedon removed the static poses from his fashion photographs and added a new depth of life within them. He adds more of a narrative to each frame by having the motion to allow a story to unveil.

Henry Clarke

Henry Clarke works similar to both Avedon and Penn. He focuses on static elegant poses but he has depicted a similar style from Munkancsi and Avedon by adding a dramatic backdrop and motion to his images, it just adds a whole new depth to the photograph and for me it makes me want to study it more and slowly take in every detail of what is happening with in the frame.

I like the use of both different styles of these photographers, John French works similarly to Penn by using studio shot images to pose there models in a suitable manner to the clothes they are selling to it’s rightful audience – those being the high society figures, who would be the only ones able to afford the garments.