I visited the costume department with Emma today and both of us still had vague ideas of what we wanted. Fashion alters so much through out all eras so we need to choose a particular style from our given decade.

Currently I am swaying moe towards high-society glamour, where I will be shaping the silhouette, and focusing on using accesories and jewelery to focus the audiences attention.

Looking at hairstyles in the 1950’s I found that a lot of the styles are up-dos with smooth waves. I think when it comes to my shoot I will look into using up-dos because I want to be focusing on the accesories like hats and scarves, so with the hair put away it will keep the main focus on these items.

I like the use of flowers in this hairstyle. I’m not too sure that if I was to use something similar to this then it would lose the detail within the fashion itself. I would how ever use this style for shooting beauty shots focusing on make-up.


Simple up-dos like this one above would be perfect for photographing hats, as in the 1950’s many of the young high-society girls would have hats perched onto their crowns.