The decade I have been assigned is the 1950’s. First thing that sprung to mind is Grease Lightning, and I will make sure that I keep away from that kind of style. Instead I am thinking more about structure, accessories and lingerie, I like the vintage style bra’s and high waisted underwear and I like how the clothing back then was used to help accentuate the shape of the figure. I will look more into the styling a little bit later, first my main focus is on the culture and the photographers of that era. Here is a couple that spring to mind:

  • Irving Penn
  • Richard Avedon
  • Elliot Erwitt
  • Robert Frank

All of these photographers are practitioners that I have previously heard of and have studied there work before. I will re-investigate these artists to find relevant information to help further my research. After further researching i have came across these photographers:

  • Eve Arnold
  • Robert Doisneau
  • Ernst Haas
  • Angus McBean
  • Henry Clarke
  • Francis Pellengrini
  • John French

Who are all photographers that are completely relavent to the work I am looking to achieve and will help strengthen my work through using them as visual aids.