For second year first term project 8 people from my course have decided to collaborate together to form a fashion project that tells a story using images. I decided that a simple and effective way to do this, so that all the work is relevant to each other and has a flow throughout would be to do a fashion project that tells a story of the last 8 decades, from the 1930’s up until the 2000’s.

We had all been worrying that if we do a group project that our images would turn out similar, but having worked in a group for the mini fashion project at the beginning of the term we established that even though we all shot at the same location our images did not clash at all!

So that way if each of us are assigned a decade each, that way we can rotate round as photographers and assistants to enable us to have our shoots completed in time for our deadline.

If we each have a decade we will be showing our development through research of relevant areas of the decade, including artists, models, style, locations and culture.

All of our research will be diverse and exciting and by being able to see everyones work through their blogs we can all learn something from each other and help each other develop by commenting and adding our feedback.

We have 4 weeks to organise our shoots, from planning, production, post production and presenting. Because the group is so big, I am expecting even greater things to come from this project, and having everything organised and accounted on my blog I will be able to have everything archived and at hand for when I need to look back at something in the future.