Group Project Proposal

For second year first term project 8 people from my course have decided to collaborate together to form a fashion project that tells a story using images. I decided that a simple and effective way to do this, so that all the work is relevant to each other and has a flow throughout would be to do a fashion project that tells a story of the last 8 decades, from the 1930′s up until the 2000′s.

Having subdivided the project our work will become individual and with development from our research we will create an authentic period stylized shoot. Each member of the group will be assigned a decade from the past and then we will develop our work all as an individual by researching relevant information and by recording artists that practice in that era.

That way we can rotate round as photographers and assistants to enable us to have our shoots completed in time for our deadline.

All of our research will be diverse and exciting and by being able to see everyone’s work through their blogs we can all learn something from each other and help each other develop by commenting and adding our feedback.

We shall also look into how we are going to present our work. As this module is called placing photographic practice into context, it only seems right that we all discuss and realize what would be the best possible medium to present our work as a whole, and how similar styles of work are presented as well.



We have all been assigned our decades and they are:

1930′s – Emma

1940′s – Craig

1950′s – Ria

1960′s – Nathan

1970′s- Claire

1980′s – Larissa

1990′s – Fran

2000′s Stacie

As I am shooting for the 1950’s I will begin by looking at artists who have practiced in that era, social issues and general events and lifestyles of the time. I want to incorporate several models into my work, but to begin with I should become comfortable in giving out create direction to just one model before I decide to expand. I will also think about what format I will be shooting in and think about technology that would be used in that time.

Our work plan will differ and we have came up with a plan to keep messaging each other online to arrange times as and when people wish to shoot their images, and to allow time to organize assistance with each others work. We will all begin to research into our own work for the first week before we decide to shoot. During the second week we will continue to research and develop our practice by having ideas and maybe even begin to shoot some preliminary shots. As we continue into week three, our research should keep continuing as this is where our work will be heightened and we should have all of completed our first shoot. In the following weeks up to handing in we should be posting our work onto on our blog, to enable us to gain feedback to feed on, to enhance our next shoot. We should continue researching and developing and practicing our work up until the final week, where we should begin to edit our images down and have enough time to present our final images.

When we have completed our shoots and are ready to present, we will each submit a minimum of four images each to be shown in a suitable format that will relate to our work, such as a magazine.